Inter-Tribal Environmental Council

" protect the health of Native Americans, their natural resources, and their environment"


The primary goal of the ITEC Pesticides Program is to improve human health and the environment among member tribes by building tribal capacity to establish, implement, and maintain a pesticides program, Through pesticide education, outreach and technical assistance.

Education: Post EPA pesticides program updates, information on scheduled events on the ITEC website. Provide training information and meeting announcements related to Pesticides Management activities and program developments through postings on the ITEC Website and email distributions to tribal contacts in EPA Region 6.  Coordinate/conduct a training/workshop  on pesticide use, safety and emerging pesticide issues relevant to Tribes. Participate in national meetings to promote a regional perspective on pesticides related issues as it pertains to Region 6 tribes. Some examples are: National Tribal Toxics Committee, Tribal Pesticides Program Council, Joint EPA/SLA/Tribal meetings as well as other National Pesticides Organizations. 

Outreach: outreach material developed, purchased, or maintained by the Pesticides Program will be made available to interested Tribes. Program will work with the ITEC summit and ITEC Conference Coordinator to integrate sessions regarding relevant pesticides issues.    

Technical Assistance: ITEC Pesticides Program will continue to assist tribes on an as needed/requested basis for issues/opportunities that may arise relevant to Pesticides Management. Assist member Tribes in use and inventory assessment activities, the Cherokee  Nation Pesticides Code(s) and Pesticides Application Notification System can be made available to all interested tribes. ITEC will  provide contact information for activities requiring assistance beyond program capabilities. 

Contact information

Office 918-453-5092 Cell 918-316-3407