Inter-Tribal Environmental Council

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Brownfields Response Program (IBRP)

The ITEC Brownfields Response Program is here to help the ITEC member tribes redevelop properties that may or do have contamination. Authorized under the "Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act" (a.k.a. the Brownfields Law) in January 2002, the goal of Brownfields is to boost local economies by facilitating the redevelopment process. IBRP can help with environmental site assessments and clean-ups (as necessary) on properties that have either perceived or actual contamination.

If a Tribe wants a property assessed under IBRP, contact Sheila Sevenstar-Horn or Chelsea Jones via email, phone or mail. IBRP staff will make arrangements to visit the site with tribal staff. After a brief evaluation of the site and discussion with tribal staff of the possible future uses, the site will be included on the IBRP Public Record. The list of these properties can be accessed through the link on the left.

IBRP staff will be available to perform a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (a.k.a. All Appropriate Inquiry) on the subject property. Depending on the results of the Phase I ESA, a Phase II assessment may also be performed on the subject property. After the assessment stage is completed and the specific contamination is identified, tribal staff can make decisions regarding clean-up of the site. IBRP staff will be available to assist in this process.

After clean-up, the site will be ready for redevelopment. Because each property is unique, the tribal staff will know what the best reuse of the property should be. IBRP staff will be available to assist in this process.

IBRP staff has experience in performing site assessments and site characterizations on contaminated properties and we are looking forward to working with the ITEC tribes in this growing program.

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